Sunday, 15 June 2008

A Weekend Away.

The Ship Inn.

The snug bar.

Anglican Drinkings.

Anglican relaxings.

Cheshire sunset.

For the first time in living memory, I have been away for the weekend. Naturally, I expected the worst. I was flattered that Cardinal Hoyos celebrated a High Mass in Westminster Cathedral to add to the sense of festivity engendered when the Anglican Wanderings caravanserai goes on holiday, so thank you to him. Obviously, the dear old CofE was incapable of behaving itself without adequate supervision, however, and has been doing things in Smithfield which St Bart would not have expected. However, the Rector has published a nice letter, surprised that anyone was upset and so that's all right. Maybe. Maybe not. Who cares, really, as I have said before I am utterly disinterested in anyones genetic code and I have met enough married Priests who are a bit gay on the side, gay Priests who are married on the side and Bishops of special interest to last me a lifetime and I'm not about to get irate about another couple of Priests getting blessed this Summer. I can't say I'm incredibly pleased and I can't believe that there is no political posturing going on here, but the Church is faced with worse on a daily basis. I am not going to walk around hospital praying with the sick and taking communion to the housebound worrying about what is happening in Smithfield, unless the Club Gascon restaurant shuts down, then I would be worried about Smithfield!

Anyway, I've been in the Ship Inn at Styal drinking real ale and talking to people, enjoying myself and now I am back, so maybe the viewer levels might go back up from the disastrous two days we have had to the usual numbers. Wake up wanderers! Wake up!