Monday, 9 June 2008

Tenth in Ordinary.

Boyko's in the early morning sun.

Fr Norman blesses the water.

Fr Croft, the Parish Priest, takes the children to the font.

Marion encouraging the consumption of wine.

The day began, as Sundays are wont to do, in Boyko's shop in Bowker Vale, a five minute drive away, buying hot bagels and something to go in them. They do a very good home smoked salmon, but I went for pickled brisket, which was fine. I was told off by the proprietoress for being 'in the wrong shop', for she is more used to seeing me in their German food shop, rather than this Kosher outlet. Their german food shop is a tiny marvel, looking like a corner shop until you go in, there are fridges full of salamis and sausages, pickled cabbage and an excellent butchers counter, hidden at the back with very little out on display. The trick is to shout for Mr Boyko who will hobble downstairs, grumbling away and will become more and more cheery with each thing you ask for! Anyway, breakfast aside, Church was well attended, but the good weather showed it's worst effect, for there were noticeably fewer of the regulars than usual, but our ranks were considerably swelled by the family of our two regular attenders whose children were being baptised. I was to go off to the reception afterwards, but instead had a long and very welcome conversation with one of our visiting friends.

On arriving home, the leg of lamb which I had boned, flattened and marinated in the morning was looking pretty good, so the barbeque was fired up and, as if by magic, Joe, one of our parishoners came round with his dog. He had asked before Mass if I wanted a couple of pots of ivy for my garden, so upon presenting me with these and informing me that they grow about twelve feet a year sat down for a drink. Twelve feet! What on earth am I going to do with them?

Anyhow, Marion, parishioner, friend and near neighbour then came round and there was suddenly cake, more wine and, this morning, a sore head. Another Ordinary Sunday. All, as regular blog-commentator Dorcas says, very Barbara Pym. There is a link to Dorcas's blog, at last, on the side. It is called Blue Scarfed Menace, and I commend it to you.