Thursday, 5 June 2008

More on the Summer Outing.

The Sanctuary at Bolton Abbey where we will be having Mass.

The Abbey from the fields.

The sanctuary at Broughton Hall, where we will be having Benediction.

Broughton Hall Chapel.

Broughton Hall, still a private house.

I have found some pictures in an old file of mine showing the Churches we will be visiting on our day out on Saturday 30th August. This may drum up interest. I have spent the day in the Hospital doing the usual rounds and Offices, marvelling at the tenacity and spirit of some, even when in utterly dire straits and marvelling as well at the amount of complaining that some people can do about their perceived lack of 'customer service'. One scene still makes me chuckle, when I asked a lady if she was happy she replied 'yes, reasonably so, but these women keep telling me that I am in a Hospital, which is ludicrous. Anyway, I am off to the fruit and veg shop which I own', with this she toddled down the ward and told a sleeping woman to 'get out of my shop, this is not a doss house!'. You might say I should not laugh, I might say you should try it yourself sometime!

Anyway, I am off to Church to give a talk on Anglo Catholic Socialism so have to rush. An unbiased knowledge of our past might just give us some pointers for the future.