Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Ordination Season.

The 'Flying Bishop' for the South East, the Bishop of Richborough at an ordination last year.

Diocesan ordinations in London.

The course I am on ends itself when I finish it next year and there are few of us in my year, however there are more in the year ahead of me, who are all to be ordained Deacon this year. Their names are below if you would be so good as to pray for their ministries. I shall be in Wakefield this weekend at their 'commendation weekend' when the course officially ends for them, so from that point on, the clock starts ticking for me as well, as it were. Pray for me as well! This is the Ordination Season and I will be at the Priestly Ordinations of Phillip Knowles and John Livesley, readers of this blog (what better commendation for them could there be?) in a couple of weeks as well, on the 28th and 29th of June when not only are they being ordained, I have to preach at a Mass and dash up and down the county, fulfil various Parish obligations and wish my co-blogger Fr Lee a happy birthday, for he is thirty on Sunday 29th June. But don't tell anyone.

It is something of a sadness to me that I will not be ordained in the Cathedral of my Diocese with my peers, because of my wish to preserve Catholicity as we see it within the Church, as I have studied with my colleagues for some time now and it would be nice to end the journey together, but as has been intimated before, we all need to follow our convictions. Let us pray that the Church might allow us to.

Blackburn Cathedral, 28 June

Andrew Alexander Malcolm

Bradford Cathedral, 29 June

Tracy Milne

Chester Cathedral, 13 July

Elaine Bisson
Vivien Gisby
Clair Jaquiss
Glynn Lautenbach
Marian Needham
Christina Phoebe Upton

Derby Cathedral, 29 June

Robert Francis Heeley

Ely Cathedral, 28 June

Stephen George Anderson

Lichfield Cathedral, 27 September

Barbara Warren

Liverpool Cathedral, 29 June

Peter Cowley
Jean Anne Flood
Stan Higginson
Nicholas Hugh Lea-Wilson
Susan Joyce Lucas
Michelle Montrose

Manchester Cathedral, 29 June

John Benedict (Ben) Edson
Denise Elaine Luke
Celia Hume McCulloch
Mary Wadsworth
Stephen Graham Wilkinson

Ripon Cathedral, 29 June

Sandra Jane de Gay
Kathryn Georgina Elliott
(permanent diaconate)

Sheffield Cathedral, 29 June

Peter Hibbs

Wakefield Cathedral, 28 June

Rachel Naomi Firth
Jennifer Mary Honeyman

York Minster, 29 June

Sarah Elizabeth Burton
Brian James Lees
Charles Nicholas Brendan Morgan
David Christopher Pynn