Sunday, 18 May 2008

Trinity Sunday High Mass.


The offertory.

The Angelus after Mass.

Here are some pictures of this morning's High Mass for Trinity Sunday. I am off back to Church now to get ready for the May Devotions and all which that entails. There will be discussions about the next years Society of Mary activities, candles to scatter around, a young girl to be found to scatter petals in front of the procession, four men to bludgeon into carrying the image of Our Lady, ladies making the huge buffet, statues and queens everywhere. In the end, though, all will be glorious and hopefully people may see us as we walk about in procession and wonder, some may marvel, some may even think that what we are doing looks interesting and enquire. One or two may come to Mass for the first time. One may, in years, come forward for baptism, one may receive communion for the first time in years. This is what it is all about, really.