Thursday, 22 May 2008

Tinkering With the Engine.

The Anglican Wanderings Engine.
I have been playing about with the Anglican Wanderings Engine which connects the magic lantern into which I type to your magic lanterns all over the world. This has had two effects, firstly, at the flick of a switch, I can see what you are doing through your lantern (and I am working on software to enable me to shout at you as well through them, of course the government has had these capabilities for years). The second fruit of my labours is the beginning of an Anglican Wanderings group on Facebook, the link to which is on the right hand side. You need to be a member of Facebook to join, however and no, I have no plans to start a similar group on MySpace, BeBo or any one of the number of adolescent sites around!
Those of you near Manchester will also be pleased to know that we are keeping the Oxford Movement day of prayer with an hour of silent prayer before the Blessed Sacrament exposed at 10.30 on the 14th July, followed by Low Mass for the Synod of the Church of England, that they be guided by God.