Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Summer Outing - Advance Notice.

The famous stepping stones.

You can make out the Priory Church behind the ruined Abbey in the background.

The old Priest's House.

Skipton on Market Day.

This year's Anglican Wanderings Summer Outing(!) will be to Bolton Priory Church, near Skipton. There will be High Mass sung in the late morning, celebrated by Fr Ronald Croft, Parish Priest of St Hilda's. Deacon will be Fr Lee and I will be Sub Deacon. Fr Peter McEvitt will play the organ and direct the Choir. There will be a tour of the Abbey afterwards, then time for Lunch in Skipton where it will be market day. Building on the success of the last two years, we hope to have an ecumenical event in the afternoon, but this is under wraps for the time being. If it happens, it will be a wonderful end to the day indeed. There is no charge for the day, but if you wish to come on a coach from Prestwich, there will be a charge for that. The date is Saturday 30th August.

This is really a call to people who would like to bring people with them to liaise with me. Letters will go out to the usual suspects in a while. It is hoped to equal the turnout we had for Stonyhurst College two years ago when we sang High Mass in their beautiful Church and then the Rector, assisted by two Anglican Deacons, conferred Solemn Benediction in the afternoon. This will be a wonderful day, please support in any way you can.