Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The Society of Mary.

Here can be seen Bishop Noel Jones with a purple biretta walking in front of Father TE Jones of St Peter's London Docks, scribe of his own blog linked to on the right hand side.

The procession wends its way through the backwaters of Kentish Town.

The Bishop of Whitby.

All this May jollity is drawing to a close soon of course and we enter into the month of the Sacred Heart. Devotion continues apace in individual parishes, however and in societies. Walsingham being one place with round-the-clock Mariological activity and of course there is the unsleeping eye of the Society of Mary website. I am gratified to find that there is a link to this website from the Gallery page as well as the local (north west) ward gallery as well. The Society has a full programme of events throughout the year including the May Devotions at St Silas Martyr in London, pictured above in 2005. You may even catch a glimpse of your scribe wearing a lace rochet if you look carefully. This is probably where I developed my allergy for I have not been near the stuff since! The Society of Mary website is found at and comes recommended.