Saturday, 10 May 2008

Hare Hill Gardens.

Today was spent visiting Cheshire Churches and Hare Hill gardens, in Alderley Edge, the village famous for being kind enough to offer housing for a number of footballers and other people reliant on being drip fed champagne and ingratiation. The gardens were good anyhow and it is fun to watch people paying ten pounds for a pound of sausages because they don't know any better. The famous 'Edge' of Alderley Edge is nearby, where legend has it Merlin sleeps with his wizard knights waiting for the day when England needs them again, so if you see Rowan Williams looking furtive in the bushes around Cheshire before the synod, don't worry, he's not got the usual Anglican Clergy problem, he's looking for the entrance to the secret cave. Mind you, I bet that's what they all say!