Thursday, 3 April 2008

In, Out, (Shake it All About).

The Black Madonna. Which I did not get round to seeing.

Like the Army and Navy Club in London, I have been In and Out recently. I am now In, but it is not opening time yet, so am unable to post much until tomorrow. I am also exhausted. I have seen some amazing sights and have returned to the amazing sight of Fr Francis Wadsworth's blog, , take a look, he is a good man and a fine Priest and is probably the closest Roman Catholic priest to an IKEA store in the world. I am also glad that Wales has repelled boarders by rejecting the idea of Women Bishops and I am also unsure as to how the beauty and wit of Polish Baroque which so dominates that country has not been absorbed by her people. There is much to post about, so prepare for some interesting posts over the next few weeks, beginning tomorrow. I shall also tell you about the hermits who sleep in coffins and have the Great Outdoors for a toilet. What they may lack in sanity, they make up for in interest. Their only contact with the outside world seems to have been me wandering into their great church in the woods. Whether they will still be there is a pertinent question..........