Sunday, 13 April 2008

Fourth Sunday of Easter.

The credence table.

Father Croft before Mass.

Simon and George. George is a Chorister and sings in the Saddleworth Male Voice Choir.

Father Norman smiling because he just read, incorrectly, that maniples are now optional in the Church of England.

Matthew and Christopher. Matthew is picking his nose in the hope of finding more wax for the candles. It's the ears, Matt.

Just some pictures of the scenes in the sacristy before High Mass this morning for you to look at. The vestments were, yes, you know the drill, given to me by.....Fr Lee. I would love to say that it was to settle a gambling debt and, in fact, that is what I do tell everyone, but I would not publish such scurrilous rubbish! The dalmatics were from him, the Chasuble I bought in auction for nothing and the maniples were from a friend, they match the vestments well. The burse and veil were from separate sources and finish the whole thing off wonderfully as indeed the brandy I have just consumed finished my lunch off wonderfully.

I would like to ask your prayers for Simon Sayer, who you can see as Sub-Deacon there today, we generally share the role. He is going to a selection conference on Monday 21st April to test whether he is ready to undertake training for the Priesthood. If he is accepted, he will leave us in September, so it is rather bitter-sweet anyhow, but pray that God's will be done. After knowing him for a few years and running the prayer group and bible study with him, I feel, for what it is worth, that he would be 'fit for purpose' as everyone says now. Pray for him and pray that other Catholic men come forward, guided by God, to serve His Church.