Sunday, 20 April 2008

Fifth Sunday of Eastertide and an advert for a new Organist.

Father Croft showing off the appareled amice with this set.

Some of the Choir rehearsing the Psalm. None of them bite and all can be friendly, given the right stimuli.

Ken, our Church Warden, Chorister and chief selector of new Organists.

'And if you keep eating your greens, you will grow up big and strong as well'. Well, greens and wine and bitter. And caramel slices. And crisps.

A fairly good turnout for Sunday Mass today for the third week on the trot which probably means a poor turnout for next Sunday when the High Mass starts at 10:30 instead of eleven and is followed by the Annual General Meeting. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the practice of the Church of England, it is necessary to have an AGM so that we can be updated on what is happening and blather on endlessly at each other in a formal setting. As everyone seems happy about the Church and our growth it seems that it will be a quiet meeting although I will be in Mirfield all weekend on a course concerning Science and the Church, so will miss all the excitement. Most Churches have their AGM on an evening, but we have found that this attracts only a hard core of people rather than the truly representative number we hope for. If something is worth doing, it is worth doing for everyone and sharing, lest we become dominated by a shadowy fringe group, happy only in committee meetings and other 'safe places'. Not that I can see that happening, so there we are. Anyhow, what I wanted to draw to your attention is our need for a new Organist. We are ably covered at the moment by two very talented people, but we really need a permanent, talented organist and Choir Master capable of maintaining our tradition and moving us on in skill. We use the New English Hymnal and traditional chants and are not interested in changing, thank you very much! We are, though, a friendly bunch and if you enjoy our style of worship then you will be very happy, I would think. You will need to be able to ad lib as well as play with verve and imagination. Let me know if you are interested.