Tuesday, 25 March 2008


On Holy Saturday, we use the second white High Mass set with it's cope, gothic chasuble and dalmatics. This was bought by Fr Raymond Parker (now Brother Ramon SSF), Parish Priest in the seventies. Usually, on Easter Sunday, we would use the Church's gold gothic High Mass set, as it is rather beautiful, indeed you may be able to see Fr Peter McEvitt wearing the cope on Easter Sunday. This year, however, we are using an antique french Latin High Mass set which was given to me last year. It is reasonably delicate so is worn irregularly and, because my days at St Hildas are numbered, we thought it would be nice to use it this Easter for a change. It is woven from sanded cloth of gold, which is a very heavy fabric, woven from metal strands, so it is also very hard to take care of. It is worth it, though, as you can see. The burse came from a small but beautiful Roman Catholic chapel in the Scottish Highlands and it was given to me when it closed (the burse, that is, not the Chapel!).