Friday, 21 March 2008

The Sacred Triduum at St Hildas Part II, The Good Friday Liturgies.

The Entrance.

The Crucifix is brought by the Sub Deacon.

'Behold the wood of the Cross'.

The MC vests the Deacon in the Humeral Veil.

After the liturgy, just before the Altar is stripped again.

On Good Friday, the liturgy starts with the readings and the proclamation of the Passion, followed by the prayers for the world. This is done in a very stark Church, the only light apart from the sunlight being the two candles and the lamp at the Altar of Repose. Then the Sub Deacon processes to the Baptistry with two acolytes who light the two candles there as the Sub Deacon takes the crucifix. The three then process to the dais, and give the cross to the celebrant who unveils a part and sings 'behold the wood of the cross' three times, moving towards the High altar. When he gets there, everyone comes forward and venerates the crucifix (bought by a group of parishoners on pilgrimage in Oberammagau). When this is done, the crucifix is placed in a holder on the Altar and the two candlesticks placed on the altar as well. Then the deacon goes with the MC and the two acolytes to the Altar of Repose, where the MC vests the Deacon in the Humeral Veil which now covers the House of repose. The ciborium containing the Blessed Sacrament is removed and the Deacon then processes to the High Altar with the MC and the two acolytes holding the candles left by the Altar of Repose. The Altar is dressed in a small white linen cloth, the red burse is opened for the corporal, which is placed on the cloth and the ciborium is placed on the corporal. The two acolytes put their candles on the High Altar near the last two. The Humeral veil is taken away and the House of reposition left open and the lamp extinguished. Communion is then given and a couple of remaining consecrated hosts kept in a pyx in the Presbytery in case of dire emergency. The High Altar is then stripped again, the crucifix alone is left and the Altar Party depart in silence.