Saturday, 1 March 2008

Hither and Thither (But Mainly Thither).

I have been at Mirfield all day and will be at Luther King House most of next week (including the weekend) and then in Wakefield Police College for eight days soon after. The sun came out for a while today, so I took some quick snaps at Mirfield for you, as I know that a few of you like to see more from there. The recent earthquake and high winds have demolished the side wall of the house at the end of my terrace, which has been neglected for some time now. The builders of the new, expensive eco homes on the old builders yard next to it will be happy though, because when it is rebuilt the driveway to their development will look much smarter. I shall try and take some pictures of the High Mass tomorrow for you to look at, we hope for some busyness as there are plenty of plants to give out to the Mothers.