Sunday, 17 February 2008

Weekend Edition.



Eleanor with her grandmother.

Edward eats his dinner.

Yesterday I went to my Parents house to see my brother, sister in law, nephew and niece. All of whom, I am glad to report, seemed well and perfectly contented. Hopefully this does not reflect a lack of pastoral awareness skills which I have been lectured on recently as part of my course at Theological College.

As I am preparing to go to Church, I am aware that we are still looking for an organist, so applicants are still very much encouraged to apply. We are covered until we can recruit someone with whom we are happy and who is happy with us, however, so we are very lucky in that way.

After Mass I am proceeding forth to the Stalybridge Station Buffet Bar, a preserved Victorian Station Bar which still boasts gas lighting and all the original fixtures. I will be aware, as I sit there by the fire nattering away and enjoyiong the real ale, that my fellow blogger Father Lee will be running around busily covering all three Masses and evensong with a cold. He claims it is flu, but does not everyone? Your prayers for the recovery of his incumbent are requested.

You will be pleased to know that the old thurible from Church has sold for a hundred and fifty pounds, after deductions for the auction charges etc. So that will pay for the two new candle stocks for the Pavement Candlesticks, about which I shall post in the fulness of time. The Thurible is on it's way to it's new home in Japan as we speak.
I hope that our readers are all well and know that you are in my prayers this Lent and I am sure that I speak for my fellow co-bloggers as well. Do remember that we are always interested in hearing about the Church in other parts of the globe, so if you think that you have any news for us, or pictures of the Mass in your area, we are always happy to see them and, if possible, publish them on the blog. This may also have the effect of making me have to put less family snaps on and waffly posts to fill up space.