Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Waiting for the Bishop.

The Quire at Manchester Cathedral.


Bishop Nigel of Manchester at Manchester Cathedral last year. He is behind the Queen.

I have just got home for an hours rest before the Diocesan Bishop visits us as part of his Parish Pilgrimage, which sees him visiting all his parishes to listen to their stories and anoint all their members. He will be bringing the Commonwealth Games baton with him and leaving it in the Church before going on a tour of the Parish, visiting people and places, before returning for a community reception, to meet people in the parish who would not usually attend the Church whom we have invited for a buffet. After this, he will preside over a service of blessing and commissioning, encouraging us for the years to come. I have a stinking cold and am hoping to be home and warm for 8pm, having already dragged myself to the morning Mass, said my morning prayer, done a funeral and tidied the Church up somewhat. Anyway, it is a great idea, I just hope that everyone who has been invited comes!