Monday, 18 February 2008

Stalybridge Station Buffet Bar.

This, I imagine, is how all Station Buffet Bars once were. The gloom line (see below) to Hull from Manchester stops first at Stalybridge where the old buffet bar has been beautifully preserved. Three of us intrepid Anglo Catholic souls ventured there yesterday to make sure that everyone was behaving themselves and to make sure that the beer and cider (and perry) was of an acceptable quality. Happily, all was right with the world, the sun shone, the liver and onions were spot on, the mash mashy, the beer beery and the locals welcoming. A roaring log fire warmed our feet up and the train sped us back to Manchester on time, to the Marble Arch pub, but more of that some other time. I do not wish for Father Lee to suffer from jealousy as well as a viral infection.