Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The Archbishop of Canterbury.

I thought I would publish a few photographs of Archbishop Rowan Williams to remind us why we need to pray for him and support him. It seems that we are living in a time, once again, where people are quick to judge and quick to speak without knowing what they speak of. I am disgusted by the hysterical over reactions to his speech and saddened by peoples swiftness to turn the knife.

Heavenly Father, you who, in your providence, appointed Rowan as the Incumbent of the ancient See of Canterbury, and also thereby both made him the Primate of all England and also gave him primacy of honor in the Anglican Communion: hear our fervent prayer for his personal well-being and his good public influence. Create in him deep commitment to the glorious Gospel of your Son, Jesus our Lord, and to the reform and renewal of his Church in England and throughout the world; Enable him to recognize errors, heresies, immorality and wickedness and banish them from the Church at home and abroad; Help him to bring together into closer fellowship those who love the Lord but are of different backgrounds, cultures and theologies; Bestow upon him, not only the godly wisdom rightly to judge what is good and right for the building up of the Churches, but also the practical ability to commend this; Assist him in bringing practical comfort and support to Anglicans devastated by war, famine and other disasters; Guide him in his understanding of, and outreach to, Muslims in Britain and Europe; and, finally, we pray, Grant to him the qualities of leadership needed to make the Lambeth Conference of July 2008 into a means of grace for the renewal of all the Bishops of the global Anglican Churches: through Jesus Christ our Lord, our only Mediator and Savior. Amen.
(With thanks to the Prayer Book Society).