Thursday, 10 January 2008

Stocking Up.

Thuribles in the back passage.

A corner of the inner sacristy.

The Inner Sacristy. It looks tidier in real life! Some vestments that would fade under the light are under the sackcloth.

Some of the Epiphany Gifts out, ready to be blessed during the Sunday Mass.

The delivery from the ecclesiastical suppliers came today, at the expected price, so I spent an hour or so arranging space for it all and getting the old stock out so it is rotated properly. I then put most of the new stock out for it to be blessed on Sunday at the Mass. Naturally, we do not bless the bread or wine as that is blessed and sanctified by it's use in the Mass itself. However, the candle oil gets a blessing, even the free bottle that comes from the purchase of four additional litres.

The Benediction Candelabrum on the window ledge come from St Benedicts Ardwick as do the taller two Acolytes candlesticks. The shorter ones come from Our Lady and Saint John, Gorton (the only Anglican Church consecrated under that title, now a Church of God Help of Tambourines or some such) where our Parish Priest used to carry one of them every Sunday for years as a child.

We rarely have torchbearers now, rationing ourselves to the two Acolytes apart from on major festivals and processions. During our May Devotion, under the new regime, the four Image Bearers (who wear amice, cotta and dalmatic) become four torchbearers in Dalmatic for the Benediction immediately following the procession. It looks very good and seems to cheer the four of them up no end, as well as giving us Kentish Town-style airs! Alas, it always rains on our May Devotion.