Wednesday, 23 January 2008

A New Blog.

In the opaque world of Roman Catholic schism, floating around the world of Bishops Dolan, Pivarunas, Milingo and the rest of the sideshow stalls, there has always, to me, seemed to be one group with some claim to stability, sanity and sanctity. The Society of Saint Pius X, begun by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre appears to have been a success, spreading throughout the world and it seems to be opening more Churches when the Roman Church generally is shutting theirs down. (I would, however, because I am nosy, like to know where their money comes from). I have been very impressed with their Superior, Mgr. Fellay and by congregations in Manchester and Preston, when invited to events. I understand, however, that there have been a number of problems in the USA. I am sorry to say though, that even those who have supported the SSPX whom I know have felt unable to support one of their Bishops, Mgr. Williamson, who appears to be stalling any reunion with the Vatican. However, I am pleased to advertise his blog here! will give you a weekly insight into the mind of the Bishop. This week sees an (in my opinion) racist rant which would be out of place in a backstreet pub in Oldham, let alone on the blog of a Bishop. We will see how it progresses in the future.