Thursday, 3 January 2008

Holmfirth and a Nun.

The famous cafe.

Inside the Parish Church. The ladies were polishing the candlesticks!

The Elephant and Castle public house. The name is a derivative of 'Infanta de Castille', mispronounced into this form by a generation of Londoners.

For those who are in the know, this, of course, is 'Nora Batty's house!'

Today I went to Holmfirth in Yorkshire for sundry purposes which will be of no interest to you, dear readers. However, I have photographed two famous sites from the long running Television show 'Last of the Summer Wine', that mysteriously popular programme concerning the antics of a number of folk from this town. Now in it's fourtieth year, clearly I am missing out on something! More interestingly, I found a processional book of the Gospels for the Book of Common Prayer rite, which I am very pleased with, in a second hand bookshop for six pounds. I returned over the moors through Old Glossop where I stopped to buy some pressed and sliced jellied veal head from the market, which I have just eaten, having just returned from a very well attended prayer group where we heard from Sister Mary about her fascinating life. The only downside of the day is that my car exploded when I was almost home. I am very glad that it did not happen on the moors, however. Alas, it is now dead, so I will have to acquaint myself with the 'bus timetables once more.

There was a gentle snow blizzard as I passed over the top today, and a light settling in Holmfirth, but Manchester is completely untouched by it, sadly. I am told that today was the only chance as well, although it is freezing as your scribe scribes, so we will see what tomorrow brings!