Sunday, 9 December 2007

Immaculate Conception II

During the Gloria.

The proclamation of the Gospel.

The kiss of peace is exchanged.

The Bishop recieves the gifts.

The offertory proper.

Here are some more photographs from yesterdays feast at St Cuthberts Darwen. We followed the Mass with a splendid buffet which was enjoyed by the hordes who braved the rain, hail, sleet and snow to be with us. At one point in my journey when I crossed the moors and all went black as the sleet came ever stronger I considered turning back myself, but the thought that I had the High Mass set, relics and thurifer in my car spurred me on. Someone asked me about the lack of a cross on the High Altar, there in fact is one as part of the mosaic, although, alas, without a corpus. The blue mosaic work makes a splendid backdrop for the reliquaries, I think. The seventh candle is, of course, the one traditionally put out when the Diocesan Bishop celebrates, as he did yesterday. St Cuthberts are lucky to have a matching 'big seven' set of High Altar candles. In response to those who expressed their liking of the High Mass set, it was given to my Church in memory of a faithful Churchwarden and also includes a cope and humeral veil. We will be using it for Pontificial Benediction in January when our Diocesan Bishop visits, so more pictures then. It may also be used for Solemn Benediction at the Carol Service.