Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy New Year.

English Missal High Mass st St Mary's Bourne Street, London.

Happy New Year to all our readers. It seems strange to think that it has only been six months since this blog started, so much has happened and it looks as though next year is to be a very interesting year for us all. How the Americans vote, how the British react economically to the changing face of Europe, whether Turkey and Islam becomes a bigger part of the European Union, how Pakistan recovers and how Russia elects are all issues which will shape the world for better or worse. We seem to have greater need of God and each other than ever before, and a more urgent call to learn how to live together in harmony, as the far right of Christianity and Islam becomes ever more vociferous and mainstream. Men and women of goodwill would do well to stand together, lest the tide of violence which is on all sides engulfs us (with apologies to John XXIII).