Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Winter Sun.

Our Lady. The statue is by the famous Faith Craft of Westminster, started by the Duke of Norfolk, sadly all the patterns and moulds were lost in the blitz and it never re opened although the publishing wing keeps going.
Holy Souls Altar and book of remembrance.
Bishops throne and the old pulpit.
High altar ready for Christ the King.
Sacred Heart Altar.

As I went into Church early this morning to say my Morning Office I was surprised by two things, firstly that my office book has vanished and secondly that the light was beautifully bright. I had no option but to say the Book of Common Prayer Morning Prayers, which I do from time to time anyway. These being shorter than the Divine Office and there being no office of readings, I spent some time before Mass photographing aspects of the church with a long exposure setting, to try and catch the light. I know there have been lots of pictures of St Hildas recently and that, therefore, I have been wandering less than usual, but it is cold! I am hoping that one of the visitors over the weekend thought that my office belonged to them and will shortly realise this but I have a copy of the Latin Morning and Evening Prayer, so I shall use that for the time being. If you feel that you would like to stop a blossoming cleric becoming too 'extreme', send in your old copies of the Divine Office III !
I have recently been asked to find a new thurible for St Hildas with some money left in a bequest. There is a good amount and I am hoping for a nice big gothic one with the little windows at the side to let the smoke out of. Let me know if you know of anything. I will be selling the old one on Ebay once we have the new one and putting the money towards a new boat to match. You may think we have an embarassment of riches, but our current thurible has suffered from many dents and fires and is caked in carcinogenic goodies inside and the other one we have, when hot, seals up completely, so is of limited use. Watch this space, we have bought from Ebay in the past, noticeably a lovely red High Mass set from Belgium in perfect condition and a fine purple cope, so I will explore that avenue.