Saturday, 13 October 2007

Ice Cream and High Mass

Ice Cream This Way.....
In here!
If you can get them past the hungry dogs.
Like all the best days, it started with a drink in a country pub!
High Altar and Reredos.
St Augustine.
Our Lady.
An old Miners Lamp used as the sanctuary lamp in this 'Miners Cathedral'.
Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

Today I went again to St Augustines Pendlebury, the 'Miners Cathedral' for the end of the Bodley Centenary see and for further information. Today we had a Book of Common Prayer High Mass, which is quite my favourite rite of Mass. I have taken some pictures of, I hope, other interesting parts of the Church to last time.

Beforehand I went to Dunham Village in the south of Manchester and had lunch at the Axe and Cleaver pub then enjoyed an Ice Cream at the Dunham Farm Ice Creamery. There are no theological implications of eating Ice Cream and anyone who tells you so is a spoilsport or a professional miserabilist, so you are spared reflections and prayers this post. I am slowly learning about videos and how to put them onto the blog, here is a tiny slice of todays Mass. They will get better.....