Sunday, 21 October 2007

Dedication Sunday.

The altar before Mass. Our reliquaries contain, among others, Ss Benedict, Scholastica, Therese of Liseaux, Philip Neri, Pius X, Aloysius Gonzaga and Felicity.
This High Mass set came from Perpignan, in France.
Our Lady after Mass and the Angelus.
Saint Hilda.

Today is Dedication Sunday, where we celebrate One Hundred and three years of the Foundation of St Hildas Church, in which time it has continually borne witness to the Catholic Faith as the Church of England has recieved it, even when the Diocesan Bishop has been an arch Protestant as in the case of the Bishop of Manchester who dedicated the foundation stone and had a fit as he saw that it said (and still says) 'This Catholic Church....'! Fortunately, we live in happier Epicscopal times now and we are looking forward to the current Bishop of Manchester giving us Benediction early next year. Next Sunday I will be preaching at a High Mass in Darwen, and will hope to post photos afterwards. I will try to post in the week as well, but as observant readers will have noticed, I have been rather busy of late and next week looks equally hectic.