Monday, 3 September 2007

Domenica XXII per annum.

The end of the Preface.

Censing the Altar.

Fr Lee Kenyon, Fr Norman Price, Fr Ronald Croft (Parish Priest).

Here are some pictures of a fairly typical Sunday at St Hildas, except for the fact that our usual Sub Deacon, Chris Lawson, has been supplanted by Fr Croft (our Parish Priest) as Fr Lee Kenyon from St Cuthberts in Darwen (where I am looking forward to preaching for the All Saints High Mass) visited and Deaconed the Mass for us. It was one of those happy Sundays where we had a good choir, the Church gleamed, the pews were packed (happily, particularly for the last Sunday in the Summer holidays), the children produced some excellent artwork at the Sunday School, our new acolytes carried their candles perfectly, and all was right with the world! As we go into the last couple of monts of the Church's year, there is a 'new springtime' in the air here, of expectancy and of looking forward to Advent and a new year. Do drop in and see us sometime, it is always nice to see friends both new and old.