Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Our Lady of the Fields, South Creake.

The processional image in a quiet corner.

Sanctuary and High Altar.

The roof.

Rood and screen.

St George.

The Outside of Our Lady's, South Creake.

As you enter, this shrine rather displays the 'party line'.

King Charles, Saint and Martyr.

Our Lady of the Fields.

A very fine Sacred Heart.

Near to Walsingham is this remarkable church, 'Our Lady, Saint Mary' by title. It is cool and welcoming on a hot day as one enters through the traditional Norfolk wire door (intended to keep the sheep out) and the heavy inner door thumps shut behind you. The first thing that becomes evident is that here is a church that has not been modernised in any way, the second is that there is an organic growth of furnishings, in various stages of condition! The feel is rather medieval and very pleasing. The title of Our Lady of the Fields comes from the ancient custom of taking Her statue out into the fields for harvest, when the harvesters would sing the Angelus before they begun and the Regina Caeli at the end. This practice is still continued to this day, I am told, here in Anglo-Catholic Norfolk.